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  • The next HRTA meeting will be August 7 at 7:00PM
Monday 7on7 @ Montgomery Cancelled

Tonight, due to likelihood of heavy storms, our 7on7 at Montgomery has been cancelled.  The varsity players who were going to participate will watch film tonight at 5:30 in our high school. Freshmen have  the night off.  We will continue tomorrow night at Montgomery. 6:00 warmup, 6:30 start.

by posted 07/22/2019
7 on 7 @ Montgomery July 22-25

Next week we will have a 7on7 at Montgomery High School each night from Monday to Thursday vs. Montgomery, New Brunswick, and The Hun School. 

  • Players should arrive at Montgomery at 6:00 to get ready.  We will begin at approximately 6:30. 
  • There will be no evening football workouts at HHS.  On Monday and Wednesday, there will be a lift at 3:30 for Varsity players.  Those participating in 7on7 will go to Montgomery afterward.
  • There will be JV plays in each session, so all players are encouraged to attend.  
  • On Monday night, the JV plays will be freshman focused, so all interested freshman can participate. 
  • In order to participate, each player must bring the attached permission form (on website) and $5 (you only need to do this once no matter how many nights you participate). 

by posted 07/19/2019
7on7 @ Bridgewater 7/17 - 5:30-8:30

Next Wednesday for our 7on7 at Bridgewater, we will have a team in both sessions.  Please arrive at 5:00 to warm up.  There will be twice the reps, so more players can be involved this week.  If you are unsure if your should attend, please discuss with the coaches at Wednesday's workout.  If you came last week, you do not need the form or money, but if you didn't you need a permission form and $3. The weight room will be open for players who are not attending, but there not will be a football workout. If you are attending the 7on7, please talk with Coach McFarland on Monday about making up Wednesdays strength workout. 

Next week we will be in Montgomery Monday through Thursday evening for 7on7.

by posted 07/12/2019
HHS Banquet 2019 Coaches Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 season Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Heart of a Raider Mark Hoffer award     Tom Zdroik

Senior Scholarship Award                     Ryan Schaefer

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Andrew Schemm, John Seaton

Joe Adochio Award   (Special Teams)     Derrick Fennimore

 Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Justin Nitschke, 

                                                                 Dylon Boscon

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Ric Sarkar

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Tom Ramsey

Ricky Proehl Award   (WR)      Tawe Tawe    

Joe Paulino Award    ( Team MVP)         Sean Levonaitis

by posted 07/09/2019
Notes from Introductory Meeting


Link to Presentation Slides

Personal Athletic Equipment Helmet Waiver

by posted 06/06/2019
HHS Football Signup Forms - TURN IN BEFORE AUG 2

Here is a link to the HHS sports signup forms:

HHS Sports Signup Forms

While we would definitely like you to register on our website as well, using these steps to register for Family ID is necessary for eligibilty to start practice on August 12. 

These need to be turned into the nurse along with a self-addressed envelope before August 2.

by posted 05/21/2019
Procedures for Receiving HRTA Scholarship

All active senior players whose parents are members in good standing of the HRTA are eligible for  a scholarship. Here is the procedure to collect it:

  • Must Sell 25 Raider cards
  • Write an essay about what Hillsborough Football means to you and turn it in by November 28
  • Later in the year, show Coach Carty something that proves college registration.
  • Coach Carty will get you a check soon after

by posted 10/03/2017
Banquet Video and Awards

Here is a link to the video


Congratulations to the 2017 Coaches Award Winners

HHS Banquet Coaches Awards

Senior Scholarship Award                     Trevor Pavenski

Shaun O’Hara Award (Lineman)            Norm Washington

Joe Paulino Award   (Special Teams)     JR Metallo

 Fred Keiper Award   (2 way)                 Noah Quick

                                                                 Justin Brown

Otto Gsell Award     (Defensive MVP)     Charles Amankwaa

Shawn Mayer Award  (Offensive MVP)    Matt Moore

Ricky Proehl Award   (Team MVP/WR)            Jackson Parham    

Joe Adochio Award    ( Team MVP)         Tyler Boatwright


by posted 09/01/2017