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Locker Room Disinfection

This is a copy of the email going out to our membership:


Earlier this week, a few members of our team brought skin lesions to my attention.  Each member who was deemed by our trainer to have suspicious lesions was sent to his personal physician.  Players did not return to play until receiving physician's clearance. Our return to play protocol is in accordance with NJSIAA and NFHS regulations. 
After practice on Friday, the locker room will be completely disinfected. Each player is to remove all of his equipment, bring it home and clean it thoroughly, wiping down pads with alcohol.  On Saturday, all players need to bring all of the equipment they will need for the game. The varsity will hand out uniforms at 9:00 in the morning, and eat at 9:30.  Mr. Shiffman be at the home freshman game and will tape all varsity players there. The locker room will be closed until Monday. Our pole barn weight room has also been disinfected ,and all surfaces in our athletic training room are cleaned daily. 
Moving forward, it is important that our players maintain clean equipment and hygiene habits. 
Thanks a lot
Coach Carty 

by posted 09/23/2016
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